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Dimitra Kittles Announces The Release Of His Debut Book Titled “Where Is My Glass Slipper?”

A Book That Teaches Every Woman About Resilience and Gives Hope to The Seemingly Defeated Ones

Dimitra Kittles Announces The Release Of His Debut Book Titled “Where Is My Glass Slipper?”

United States, 18th Apr 2024, King NewsWire - Dimitri Kittles, a businessman, visionary author, and an educational entrepreneur with years of experience as a speaker and educational advocate is pleased to announce the official release of his debut book titled “WHERE IS MY GLASS SLIPPER?”. The book talks about the challenges of women and the obstacles they face while growing up and how some eventually overcome and make their story looks like a fairytale. The book which is due to be released on the 24th of December, 2022 will be available for purchase on Amazon and other online book platforms.

“WHERE IS MY GLASS SLIPPER?” is a book dedicated to all women irrespective of color, age, and religious background. It is for women that need to heal, women that need the courage to go through the hurdles of life, and also gives hope to the seemingly defeated woman. The books outline the hurdles of life every woman faced irrespective of their background, and also describe how to face and overcome these hurdles. “WHERE IS MY GLASS SLIPPER?” is like a peacekeeping anti-oxidant, which when released in the body demolishes the free radicals that cause painful emotions and memories, thereby boosting the body’s immune system to heal and activating the self-confidence inside every woman that is needed to achieve life’s goal.

“I am a businessman but I chose to embark on this piece of art to encourage and motivate women across the world that there is life after every hurdle and challenge of life. I was inspired to embark on this project because of my passion and dream of a happy life for everyone”, said Dimitri Kittles while describing the book and the inspiration behind it. “Every young lady while growing up believes every story has a happy ending just like a fairytale. However, there is more to life than a fairytale and for every woman to achieve their life’s goal, there must be an understanding of the fact that not everyone is born the same way and upbringing differ. Life comes with hurdles and challenges. This book sheds light on the life of a woman”, he added.

“WHERE IS MY GLASS SLIPPER?” is an intimate book that will not only activate the reader’s self-esteem but also gives the courage to bounce back from any situation and teaches how to reach back for inner strength. For more information and to purchase the book, visit: 


Dimitra Kittles is a United State based businessman and a visionary author. 

Dimitra Kittles Announces The Release Of His Debut Book Titled “Where Is My Glass Slipper?”

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