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TRON MAP provides new ideas for free mining for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

TRON MAP provides new ideas for free mining for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Will mining still be free in 2024?
At present, it can be seen that Bitcoin mining is showing a development trend of specialization and industrialization, and the mining industry is gradually dominated by institutions or enterprises, which is often said to be monopolized by big capital. Here is a question: Can individuals still mine in 2024 and beyond, and can they mine BTC for free? In the early days, the computing power of the entire network was relatively low, and individuals could easily mine more BTC using computers, and it was not difficult. , so early mining can be understood as free behavior. However, if you use a computer to mine independently now, you can hardly mine BTC because the computing power is too low and you cannot grab the accounting rights (the stronger the computing power, the more likely it is that Obtain accounting rights). If you join the mining pool through joint mining, you can theoretically obtain a certain amount of BTC in proportion to your computing power, but the amount is very small and often cannot be worth the electricity and computer damage costs.

Judging from the changing trend of mining, it is unlikely that individuals can mine BTC "for free" as in the early days, especially not as casually as Satoshi Nakamoto. In the future, whether you are an individual or an institution, if you want to obtain more BTC through mining, you need to purchase a professional mining machine (or computing power) and join a mining pool. Note that this does not mean that individuals cannot mine. In fact, anyone can join in mining, but they may not be able to mine BTC because their computing power is too low.

In the future, if individual users want to use CPU or GPU to mine independently, they will hardly be able to mine BTC.

How to mine using your smartphone?

Mining Bitcoin on a smartphone is impractical because smartphones don’t have enough processing power to compete with dedicated mining rigs, and mobile mining apps are not true mining but a way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin by watching ads or other cryptocurrencies, these apps use your phone's processing power and battery to run the mining process, but the returns are so low that it's probably not worth spending the resources on them.

If you also want to try earning TRX with a mobile mining app, here are the steps

Download the mining app:
Create an account: The next step is to create an account using the mobile mining app and you can start earning money
Waiting for the bonus: The bonus will be credited to the user's account balance and when the minimum threshold is reached, the bonus can be transferred to the user's wallet.

You can open it in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and register:

TRONMAP’s invitation code is: 952969

TRONMAP has disruptive new concepts such as chain and reality interaction, physical mining machine mining, and computing power release, as well as decentralized solutions based on "cloud computing + Internet of Things + equity tokenization", antitrust, fairness, transparency and other Features.

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