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Get 3 Free, Weekly, & Exclusive Mortgage Leads with Insurance Pro Agencies

Insurance Pro Agencies is now providing mortgage brokers and loan officers with up to three exclusive, high-quality mortgage leads each week, free of charge. Leveraging over thirty years of industry experience, this family-owned company generates in-house leads through an automated system. These leads consist of high-intent buyers looking to purchase a home, ensuring brokers and officers can close more deals and earn higher commissions.By joining the Referral Partner Program, mortgage professionals can enjoy a steady flow of unique leads without competing with others. Insurance Pro Agencies also emphasizes quick follow-up to maximize success. This service aims to balance the lead-sharing relationship between mortgage brokers and insurance agents, supporting growth and success in the mortgage industry.For more information, visit or call (866) 209-0186.

Get 3 Free, Weekly, & Exclusive Mortgage Leads with Insurance Pro Agencies

Chicago, Illinois, United States, 12th Jun 2024 - Insurance Pro Agencies Connects Mortgage Brokers With Ready-to-Buy Leads: Insurance Pro Agencies is expanding from supporting insurance agents to providing one-of-a-kind resources and connections to mortgage brokers and loan officers. With Insurance Pro Agencies, mortgage brokers and loan officers can now access up to three exclusive, warm, and hot leads for new customers each week.

Boost Your Mortgage Business with Ready-to-Buy Leads

Loan officers and mortgage brokers are in the business of closing mortgages for their clients who are purchasing a new home. They often work closely with insurance agents and provide them with plenty of leads and referrals. However, it doesn’t usually work both ways. While loan officers can supply insurance agents with new leads, insurance agents don’t often have the same connections to refer to the officers and brokers.

Say Goodbye to Unequal Lead Sharing – Embrace a Balanced Relationship

Say ‘goodbye’ to the days of connecting insurance agents with leads that keep their businesses thriving while you hustle for your own. Sure, the ‘thank you’ coffees and doughnuts are appreciated, but it’s time for these brokers and officers to enjoy a more balanced relationship with insurance agents.

This is how Insurance Pro Agencies is changing the industry. As a family-owned company that has been dedicated to creating supportive resources for insurance agents and mortgage brokers for more than thirty years, we know how to help you seal the deals that keep your business booming.

Transform Your Mortgage Closings with Our Exclusive, High-Quality Leads

Our team has created a system that helps loan officers grow their businesses by generating our own in-house mortgage leads through an easy-to-use automated system. The leads generated are exclusive, high-quality, and high-intent buyers looking to purchase a home. With years of experience in providing these one-of-a-kind leads, our resources have helped mortgage brokers close deals and collect larger commissions‒even in a shaky economy with high interest rates.

The mortgage leads program is designed specifically for retail lenders who also have clients in need of homeowners insurance. This program is not designed for real estate agents, private lenders, or credit unions.

Our marketing team uses the Insurance Pro Agencies website to generate high-quality leads. Customers fill out detailed surveys and questionnaires that provide our marketing team with information about their housing situation and goals, including their purchase timeline, real estate agent status, price range, credit score range, and more. Our marketing team collects their contact information and compiles the information into a lead for our retail lender partners‒you. This gives you a consistent flow of exclusive mortgage leads.

Sign Up for Free and Start Receiving Leads Instantly

So, what can mortgage brokers expect with Insurance Pro Agencies’ mortgage lead service? Mortgage brokers and loan officers will receive three to five mortgage leads each week at no cost to them! Additionally, brokers and loan officers using our mortgage lead service have reported closing on average an extra deal per month as a result of using our warm leads. That means mortgage brokers and loan officers alike can stay on track for their year, leading to closing more deals, earning more commissions, and enjoying a higher income.

This service allows mortgage brokers and loan officers to sign up to become referral partners with Insurance Pro Agencies. Our Referral Partner Program ensures that each lead provided to you is unique, which means there’s no more competition with anyone. The referral system is fully automated, allowing leads to flow to your inbox 24/7. For the best results with these leads, we recommend you have processes in place that allow your business to follow up within minutes of your new lead coming in.

About Insurance Pro Agencies

Insurance Pro Agencies is a family-owned and operated insurance aggregator for the top independent insurance agencies and mortgage brokers in the United States. Designed to provide a wide array of resources and expertise to dedicated owner-operators across the nation, Insurance Pro Agencies offers networking, lead generation, and infrastructure to blossoming business leaders in the insurance mortgage loan markets. Learn more about Insurance Pro Agencies at

Connect with exclusive, ready-to-buy mortgage leads today by signing up for our program at to get started for free!

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